Lutor For Android – Update Release Notes

Update Release Notes summarize changes made in all releases. Bug fixes are cumulative, that is, bug fixes in previous update versions are included in subsequent update versions.

Current Version

Changes in 1.1.1:
— New feature: Rearrange dictionaries by drag and drop.
— Bug fixes.

GitHub Commits

Earlier Versions

Changes in 1.1.0
— Dictionary performance improvements;
— New features, such as adding/editing tutor content, saving articles, status monitoring, lookup history;
— New UI style;

Changes in 1.0.4
— Release Notes for the Original 1.0.3 Release

Changes in 1.0.5
— Out-Of-The-Box Dictionary: Soule’s Dictionary of English Synonyms by Richard Soule
— Out-Of-The-Box Barron’s GRE Wordlist (~5000 words)


Planning my Week at JavaOne 2012

JavaOne 2012 is 3 weeks away, but several hot sessions are already full. Sadly I cannot clone myself to attend multiple sessions at once. For example, I didn’t selected many sessions in mobile app development as they conflicted with other talks and HOLs I want to see. Also, it would be nice to add Google Calendar to this post, but for now I’m going to just post an image.

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LVM Notes or How to Add Extra Space to a Linux VM in VirtualBox

There are many on-line guides and books on basic partitions and LVM. One of my favorites is “Hands-on Guide to the Red Hat® Exams RHCSA™ and RHCE® Cert Guide” (download). This blog post contains the notes for myself, which I find really useful if I try to adjust the size of LVM six months from now after forgetting all the little details.


Expanding a drive within a VMWare image
Creating a Partition
Creating an LVM Partition
Creating a File System
Removing an LVM
Adjusting the Size of LVM Partitions

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I like Google-style. WTF?

     * Report a serious error in the current process.  May or may not cause
     * the process to terminate (depends on system settings).
     * @param tag to record with the error
     * @param t exception describing the error site and conditions
    public static void wtf(String tag, Throwable t) {
        try {
            if (ActivityManagerNative.getDefault().handleApplicationWtf(
                    mApplicationObject, tag, new ApplicationErrorReport.CrashInfo(t))) {
                // The Activity Manager has already written us off -- now exit.
        } catch (Throwable t2) {
            Slog.e(TAG, "Error reporting WTF", t2);